A Foster Parent Guide to Asking Your Boss for Flexible Work Hours

Many foster parents need a more flexible work schedule due to COVID-19, and your boss may be open to the idea given the big increase in remote work these past months. If you’re thinking about having this kind of conversation, take a look at this guide to negotiating changes in your work hours.

A Foster Parent Guide to Asking Your Boss for Flexible Work Hours

Preparing to Ask Your Boss for Flexible Work Hours:

Many mothers and fathers are leaving the workforce due to shortages in child care and other complications caused by the pandemic. Other families are looking at alternative options for dealing with these new conditions. If your boss knows that you’re a foster parent, they may not be surprised that these things are weighing on your mind, and they may want to work with you as long as you show that you can cover your responsibilities. However, you’ll probably fare better if you focus on why greater flexibility would benefit their company by increasing your productivity and saving them money. Be prepared with a written proposal of what you want and how you would implement it, whether that’s a compressed work week or nontraditional office hours.

Talking with Your Boss about Flexible Work Hours:

Pick a good time to talk with your boss about your concerns. Listen to what they have to say, and be open to negotiating a solution that works for both of you. It might help to make this a trial arrangement, so it can be modified or canceled based on actual results. You may also need to be patient in case your boss is limited by company policies and the need to consider how other employees and departments would be affected. In that case, maybe you can help be part of a bigger effort to keep up with changing times and encourage work life balance.

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