How To Become Single Foster Parent in Texas

fostering as a single parent in Texas

Are you interested in welcoming a foster child into your home, but you think that foster care is only for married couples? The truth is that Texas allows any qualified adult to become a foster parent whether they’re single, married, widowed, or divorced. Here are some points for single foster parents to keep in mind.

Get Organized

As a single foster parent, you’ll find that you can accomplish more if you take time to strategize so you can work as efficiently as possible. That will probably include trying to stick to a consistent schedule and budgeting carefully. Make the most of time savers like coordinating errands, stocking up on household essentials, and decluttering your home. Limit distractions like watching TV and browsing online. Be sure to keep time in your schedule for rest and play so you and your foster children stay happy and healthy.

Avoid Comparisons

Focus on what you have to offer instead of worrying about what others will think. As long as you take care of yourself, you’ll be able to operate at your best. Accept whatever limits you may have on your time and finances, and remember that you can be a loving, stabilizing, and positive force in the life of a child who needs someone like you.

Build Support

Reach out to family, friends, and professionals for assistance and support. Let other know how they can help you and accept graciously if they offer to pitch in even before you have to ask. Take advantage of all the resources that your local agencies have to offer and look for opportunities to connect with other single foster parents. Talk with your employer about your plans and any flexible hours or other benefits they may provide. Respite care may be especially important for you if you’re not living with a partner who can share the responsibilities.


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