Adoption Services Procedure At 2INgage

2INgage remains true and committed to its core principles, which are to inform, inspire and engage. All children deserve love, no matter the circumstances surrounding their birth and upbringing. We have over 95 years of experience in child welfare. We have committed to catering to the most vulnerable families through case management, foster care, and … Read more

How Long Can a Child Stay in Foster Care?

When children cannot stay with their families, they may be placed in a foster home. Foster care is temporary care for a child who needs a safe, loving and nurturing home when their birth family cannot take care of them. Several reasons make young people and children enter foster care. Some of these include: Physical, emotional, … Read more

Why is Kinship Placement Preferable?

Kinship placement is when a child is placed under the care of relatives, godparents, step-parents, members of a clan, or any other person who has some relations with the family. Kinship care services are essential in providing children with a familiar homely environment and reducing trauma. Children are placed under kinship care most when their … Read more

Unmatched Adoption Services with 2INgage

Adoption is noble, but it can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. With this in mind, you need the services of a reputable foster care company like 2INgage. The entire process can be tiresome and time-consuming, but we help you speed up the process by taking you through the legal procedures. Our … Read more

What Makes a Good Foster Parent

When you decide to foster a child, it means you have the child’s best interest, and you want them to have a better life than what they are currently facing. However, to be a successful foster parent, you need to develop the following attributes. Be Patient Taking care of a child you’ve never stayed with … Read more

5 Qualities of Great Foster Parents

Would I be any good at this? If you’re considering becoming a foster parent, you’ve probably asked yourself this question before. Fostering is an incredibly rich and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging.  These five qualities are excellent indicators that you’re ready to take the next step toward becoming great foster parents. Resilience … Read more

Foster Parent Toolbox

The choice to foster is not a choice to be taken lightly.  It requires training, thought, support, a big heart, and, quite honestly, bravery.  Not the typical type of bravery where you’re the hero saving the day.  The type of bravery to admit you might not always know the answers, that you may have days … Read more