Becoming a Foster Care Parent in Texas

Foster care refers to a protective service for young ones and their families. Conditions such as mental illness, loss of jobs, homelessness, substance abuse, or poverty make it difficult for biological families to meet the needs of their children.  Foster care provides safety for these children by nurturing them and offering a loving family they … Read more

Why Foster Care And Adoption Information Meetings Are So Important

Foster care and adoption information meetings within a community are a great resource for foster parents. These meetings present a lot of important information to foster and adoptive parents and teach them a great deal. Here are three reasons why these meetings are so important for foster parents. They Provide A Community For Help  One … Read more

What Does An Adoption Agency Do?

An adoption agency is “the middleman” in the adoptive journey. They organize the facilitation of the adoption process by offering services to both birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents through a series of procedures. The services are highly beneficial to streamline the process, and sometimes, required by the state. Furthermore, there is a lot that goes … Read more

5 Qualities of a Good Foster Parent: From Patience to Honesty

When you’re thinking about becoming a foster parent, you might wonder if you have what it takes. The fact is that everyone can be a good foster parent, regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation, age etc. You don’t need to have a lot of money to be a good foster parent either. And it doesn’t … Read more

Signs that Foster Care Adoption is Right for You

Remember when you thought the decision to foster was the biggest decision you would ever make?  Imagine the decision to add a foster child to your home permanently.  On the service, the decision seems easy.  Of course you would!  They’ve been living in your home and you’re bonded with them, why wouldn’t you?  Well, the … Read more

What You Need to Know About DFPS Region 2

In the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, there are two regions. The first region covers all counties except for Travis County, which is in Region 2.This blog post will cover DFPS Region 2 and what you need to know about it.    What Is DFPS Region 2 Region 2 is a governmental agency … Read more

The Benefits of Community-Based Care in Texas

Community-based care (CBC) is a new way of providing foster care and case management in Texas. Under this system, the state delegates the functions of child welfare to private contractors. CBC reflects a paradigm shift from the traditional foster care where the state provided the services. The following are some of the benefits of CBC. … Read more

What You Need to Know About Kinship Placement

One of the most heart-wrenching yet rewarding experiences for a family is to place their child in foster care or kinship placement. This decision can be difficult because children placed with relatives are more likely to have a successful, long-term placement than those placed with strangers. Many families still need help and guidance when making … Read more

2INgage Elevates Robles to VP of Permanency

ABILENE, Texas (August 10, 2021) – 2INgage recently announced Kaycee Robles has been promoted to Vice President of Permanency. She will be responsible for three permanency departments that include Taylor County and the surrounding counties to the west. She will also manage the kinship/courtesy department, training and community engagement for 2INgage. “Kaycee brings a wealth of … Read more

What Foster Parents Need to Know about Taking Away a Child’s Pacifier

Don’t be too hard on binky. Pacifiers aren’t all bad. On the other hand, any foster parent might be confused about when to take away a child’s pacifier because doctors and dentists have changed their recommendations over the years. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now says that pacifiers won’t harm your baby if used … Read more

How to Become a Foster Parent

Children living under unfavorable circumstances with their families have the right to live under foster care. If you adopt a child under foster care, you will be responsible for providing a safe environment for the child until the biological family sorts out their issues. However, it is imperative to understand what it takes to become … Read more

Tips on Dealing With Reactive Attachment Disorder

How to Manage Reactive Attachment Disorder Reactive Attachment Disorder, or RAD, is a disorder that occurs when babies and young children are unable to form secure attachments with caregivers. This is often due to previous neglect, abuse, or trauma. While considered uncommon in the general population, studies show it occurs in 5% of children when first … Read more

2INgage hosts annual graduation ceremony for record class

29 foster care youth graduated high school in Texas Region 2 this past year ABILENE, Texas (June 21, 2021) – 2INgage recently held its annual graduation ceremony celebrating youth in foster care who graduated from high school this past year. In total, a record 29 youth from around Texas Region 2 received their high school … Read more

2INgage’s Brusewitz honored as C4C Child Welfare Champion

Permanency Support Supervisor recognized for outstanding community work Abilene, Texas – 2INgage is proud to announce that Kimberly Brusewitz was this year’s recipient of the Child Welfare Champion Award, which was recently announced by theChampion For Children (C4C) organization. The annual C4C Awards honor individuals who are helping families and children lead better and safer … Read more

Tips for Navigating “Impossible” Appointment Schedules

Even with just one or two children, navigating a family’s busy schedule can be a chore in and of itself. Differing work schedules, varying interests, and doctor’s and school appointments seem to pile up without you even trying. Adding the responsibilities of a foster family on top of that can seem overwhelming, especially so if … Read more

What To Do When Your Foster Children Are Afraid of Shots

There aren’t many people who think that getting an injection is fun, but what can you do if your foster children are very afraid of getting shots? It’s a common struggle for many families, and the issue may come up more often now in the age of COVID-19. Take a look at these suggestions for … Read more

Making Your Own Foster Care Family Cookbook

A foster care family cookbook is a fun and practical way to bond with your foster children and encourage healthy eating. Here are some ideas to help you get started. How to Make Your Foster Care Family Cookbook: Have fun collaborating with your foster kids on the contents and design. You can browse online for … Read more

A Foster Parent Guide to Asking Your Boss for Flexible Work Hours

Many foster parents need a more flexible work schedule due to COVID-19, and your boss may be open to the idea given the big increase in remote work these past months. If you’re thinking about having this kind of conversation, take a look at this guide to negotiating changes in your work hours. Preparing to … Read more

A Foster Parent’s Guide to Holding on to Your Friends without Kids

Becoming a foster parent will change a lot of things in your life, and that may include your friendships with other adults who don’t have kids. The good news is that you can hold onto your relationships, and maybe make them even stronger, if you’re ready and willing to work on it. Here are some … Read more

Social Media Study Has Good News for Foster Care Families with Teens

Foster care families with teens may be happy to hear about a recent study on social media and depression. Researchers found that daily social media use is not a strong or consistent risk factor for depressive symptoms among adolescents. Here’s more about this study, and what it may mean for your foster children. What The … Read more