14-year-old Braydon Looking for His Forever Family

Braydon is a very sweet child who enjoys horseback riding, swimming, rock collecting, being outdoors, video games, and Legos. He also likes camping and fishing. Braydon describes himself as nice. He likes to eat chicken nuggets, pizza, and chicken cutlets. Braydon can be easily distracted and sometimes struggles with holding a conversation. He also struggles … Read more

Self-Care for Your Foster Children

  As a foster parent, you provide care for the children you welcome into your home, but it’s also important to teach them about caring for themselves. While much of the self-care literature aims at adults, kids need healthy habits and a little pampering too. Here are some of our favorite ideas for helping foster … Read more

3 Steps to Take When Your Foster Child Is Being Bullied

When you’re raising a foster child, it’s important for them to develop good friendships in school. Nowadays, however, bullying has become a real concern among children of all ages. Whether it’s in-person bullying or cyberbullying, the effect is the same. It really affects the self-esteem of the child, making them feel less confident in everything … Read more

What to Do When Your Foster Child Has Imaginary Friends

It’s common for children to have imaginary friends, but you might be wondering what to do when your foster child announces they’re bringing an invisible guest to dinner. Learn more about the current thinking on imaginary friends and what it could mean for your foster family. Imaginary friends have a much better reputation these days. … Read more

Four Things to Know About Texas Foster Care This Year

Looking forward to the year ahead, we’re excited to continue serving children and families in over 30 counties. However, many children are still looking to find support and a forever home right here in our community. If you are looking to make a difference in a child’s life, here are four things to know about … Read more