When Your Foster Child Is Afraid of the Dark

Many children go through a stage when they’re afraid of the dark. Thus, it’s something you might run into when you become a foster parent. Try these tips to help your foster child to feel more secure and get a good night’s sleep. Quiet Down at Bedtime Scary movies and active games may stimulate a … Read more

Self-Care for Your Foster Children

  As a foster parent, you provide care for the children you welcome into your home, but it’s also important to teach them about caring for themselves. While much of the self-care literature aims at adults, kids need healthy habits and a little pampering too. Here are some of our favorite ideas for helping foster … Read more

What Foster Parents Can Do to Support Sibling Relationships

Foster parents have a major role to play in helping children in foster care to maintain healthy relationships with their siblings. If you’re a foster parent, consider these suggestions for how to help preserve these important family connections. Placed Together Keeping siblings together is often the most desirable arrangement because it protects foster children. It … Read more