Incorporating the Importance of School in Foster Children

For many foster children, school isn’t a pleasant environment. There are a variety of factors that go into their school day each week. For example, they could have moved schools recently, some of the other kids at school could be bullying them about their situation, or they could be so apathetic about their future that … Read more

A Foster Parent’s Guide to Balancing Work and Home

Just like biological parents, most foster parents work outside the home. If you’re trying to figure out how to foster a child while you pursue your career, take a look at these suggestions that may help. Assess Your Workplace Culture It probably doesn’t come as any surprise that some companies are more family-friendly than others. … Read more

Respite Care: A Crucial Part of the Foster Care System

Have you ever considered being a positive part of the foster system? Is your heart for providing secure homes to foster children but you are not sure you can commit to full-time foster care? Consider being a respite care provider and you just might find out that is exactly where you belong. What Exactly is … Read more

Three Things to Tell Your New Foster Child

Coming into a new home is always scary for a misplaced child. They are no longer in the home of their biological parents, and they are in dire need of stability in their life. As the child grows and develops, it’s essential that they receive love and support from the adults in their life, and … Read more