Ways to Make Your Foster Child Feel at Home

The life of a foster child can be tumultuous. These foster children are likely to be reserved or agitated because they faced many challenges. This is perfectly normal. It takes time for them to adjust to a new way of life in your home. Fortunately, there are steps you can take that would speed up … Read more

When Your Foster Child Is Afraid of the Dark

Many children go through a stage when they’re afraid of the dark. Thus, it’s something you might run into when you become a foster parent. Try these tips to help your foster child to feel more secure and get a good night’s sleep. Quiet Down at Bedtime Scary movies and active games may stimulate a … Read more

What to Do When Your Foster Child Has Imaginary Friends

It’s common for children to have imaginary friends, but you might be wondering what to do when your foster child announces they’re bringing an invisible guest to dinner. Learn more about the current thinking on imaginary friends and what it could mean for your foster family. Imaginary friends have a much better reputation these days. … Read more