Texas Region 2

Serving the 30 Counties of Texas Region 2

2INgage is pleased to partner with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to offer case management and foster care placement and support services to children and youth in Region 2, a 30 county area that includes Abilene and Wichita Falls. 2INgage has been serving as the Single Source Continuum Contractor for foster care and support services, but through Stage II of Community-Based Care, services will expand to providing case management services effective June 2020. Stage II of CBC expands the continuum of services to include services for families and to increase permanency outcomes for children.

Starting June 2020, when children are removed from their homes by the courts in Region 2, they are placed into DFPS custody, and referred to 2INgage in these counties for case management services. 2INgage will work with children and their parents towards addressing the risk and safety issues that led to the removal, with the goal of returning the children home safely and quickly. For children who cannot return home, 2INgage will work towards a timely adoption or other permanency option.

2INgage Residential Providers

Arrow Child and Family Services

A World for Children
940-228-5227 – 325-641-1055

Caring Hearts for Children

Children’s Hope

Christian Homes & Family Services

Harmony Family Services

MCH Family Outreach

New Horizons

Pathways Youth & Family Services

Presbyterian Children’s Home & Services

St. Francis Community Services
325-677-5321 ext. 107

Texas Family Initiative