Why is Kinship Placement Preferable?

Kinship placement is when a child is placed under the care of relatives, godparents, step-parents, members of a clan, or any other person who has some relations with the family. Kinship care services are essential in providing children with a familiar homely environment and reducing trauma. Children are placed under kinship care most when their parents are unable to take care of them, mainly because of factors such as;

  • Parental-ill health
  • Parental abuse
  • Neglect
  • Imprisonment
  • Parental drug or alcohol abuse

Why is Kinship Placement Preferable?

Kinship placement usually happens to children who might be;

  • Placed with kinship foster carers by the local authority
  • In an informal arrangement made by their parents
  • Under a particular guardianship order or child arrangement order
  • Under informal arrangement

Benefits of kinship care services

  • Minimizes trauma and gives permanency- most relatives who take part as kinship caregivers continue to raise the kids in the same neighborhood, community and they go to the same school. As a result, the children are less likely to develop any trauma. Relatives can start planning for permanency following the Federal Legislation.
  • Fewer behavioral problems- According to studies, fewer behavioral problems showed that children in kinship care had lower behavioral issues than those in foster placement. Most kinship caregivers are said to handle the health and behavior of children very well.
  • Strengthening sibling bonds- unlike foster placement, kinship care ensures that siblings stay connected, and most of them accommodate siblings.
  • Cultural identity– kinship care allows children to stay connected to their clan, community, and extended family. It ensures that the customs, culture, and beliefs are maintained.


At 2Ingage, we care for the wellbeing of children, and above all, we provide kinship care services for vulnerable and neglected children. We also offer kinship child daycare for younger siblings who can’t stay away from home. Our caregivers provide effective leadership, support, love, and guidance for all the kids. Contact us for more information.